Der LandWirt – Vilstaler Hof

Since 1876, our family has been running the inn with the associated farm in Rottersdorf.
At that time Michael started with the name “Zur grünen Au”. In the 1950s, Moritz converted and expanded it to “Vilstaler Hof”. In addition, the farm has always been the foundation of the entire business and the supplier of all ingredients for the inn’s cuisine. Anton Sr. intensified the agriculture in the 60’s from the diverse farm of the 30’s/40’s with dairy cattle, cattle, chickens, geese and pigs, some vegetable cultivation to pig fattening and agriculture, as well as the new building of the hotel in 1981.

At the end of the 1980s, Anton Sr. and Anton Jr. decided to give up animal husbandry altogether, as the stables had to become larger and more intensive in order to survive economically on the market. At the end of the 1990s, the farm was leased out completely and at the same time the inn and the hotel were expanded to the current state by Anton Jr. When I, Florian, entered the inn in 2014, after my training in Austria, I wanted to bring agriculture back to life to produce regional and high-quality food for our Wirtshauskuchl on site. In my mind’s eye, I always had examples of businesses from my apprenticeship days, where it is still quite normal for inns to produce their products on their own farms. After much deliberation and planning, we decided to go down the path of game farming, not least because I am also a hunter. Red deer farming is very suitable for our farm, because I can keep them all year round keep on pasture and do not need a stable. The animals provide high-quality meat without the use of drugs. These are shot on the pasture stress-free by me, i.e. they have no transport stress and are then processed completely by me, Florian Bachhuber, to various products on our menu and to various sausage products. I have for 2021 extra still completed the master butcher in Landshut to produce qualitatively handicraft good products here too.

Back to our game farming:
The animals feed on the grasses and herbs in the pasture throughout the growing season, approximately April to October. In the winter months they get grass silage and hay, from our own meadows. The animals also receive brewer’s grains from the local brewery and apple pomace from the fruit and horticultural association of the neighboring community. The use of soy or genetically modified soy and industrial feed is completely avoided. We operate our LandWirtschaft out of deep conviction for good and healthy products for our Wirtshauskuchl. Red deer has no or very little cholesterol and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Likewise, it is a very sustainably produced meat with a high enjoyment factor. We are convinced that we have the right animals, the right husbandry, the right food and the right philosophy, then we really hope that you can taste this on your plate.

Your host family Bachhuber

Regional game enjoyment
– sustainable, healthy & high quality –

Our red deer are kept on pasture all year round. From Easter to about the beginning of November, the animals feed exclusively on grasses and herbs that grow in the pasture. In winter, the feed consists of hay and grass silage from our own meadows, as well as apple pomace from the OGV of the neighboring community and spent grain from the local brewery.

Florian Bachhuber – Andreasstraße 3 – 94405 Rottersdorf
Tel. 0163-4634524 – E-Mail:

Regional producers – fresh harvest – short transport routes

Directly from the field to the Vilstaler Hof in the gourmet kitchen!

We process regional products from the region in our young, Bavarian inn kitchen. Short delivery time from the local and surrounding farms guarantee the best quality, which you taste!
The processing of regional products has many advantages. In addition to freshness and quality, the purchase of regional products is also climate and environmentally friendly.

Besides the regionality of our products, it is also important for us to buy seasonally.

We vary the side dishes of our dishes adapted to the season. Through the many regional suppliers, most of which we know personally, we can always buy seasonal and of the highest quality.

Our partners

Regional producer

We process regional products from the region in our young Bavarian inn kitchen. Short delivery time from the local and surrounding farms guarantee the best quality, which you taste!


Südfleisch Waldkraiburg GmbH
84478 Waldkraiburg

Metzgerei Donhauser
Rind, Kalb, Schwein, Wurst, Wildschwein
94522 Wallersdorf
Tel.: 09424 461

Metzgerei Neumayer
Lamm, Kalb, Schwein, Wurst
94405 Landau a.d. Isar

Georg Wagatha
94419 Reisbach

Christian Schöfbeck
94522 Wallersdorf
Tel.:0175 24 37 804



Stangl Frischei
94363 Oberschneiding
Tel.: 09426 802024

Fam. Zeller
Milch und Milchprodukte
94431 Pilsting
Tel.: 09953 90014

Fam. Esterl-Loibl
Erdäpfel und Zwiebel
94419 Reisbach
Tel.: 08734 333

Josef Büchner
Gemüse der Saison
94428 Eichendorf
Tel.: 09956 54

Fam. Siebauer
Gemüse der Saison
94419 Reisbach

Gemüsehof Asbeck
Gemüse der Saison
94419 Reisbach

Fam. Apfelböck
94405 Landau a.d. Isar

Anton Guggenberger
Spargel und Erdbeeren
94436 Haunersdorf
Tel.: 0 99 56 333

Feinkost Troiber
94544 Hofkirchen
Tel.: 08545 170

Florian Bachhuber
94405 Landau a.d. Isar

Heimische Jäger
Reh, Wildschwein, Wildenten, Hasen


Gräfliche Brauerei Arco-Valley
94428 Eichendorf / Adldorf – Hauptstraße 14
Telefon: 09952-280
Telefax: 09952-2251

Brauerei Krieger Wilhelm KG
94405 Landau a. d. Isar – Hauptstraße 88
Telefon: 09951/9811-0
Telefax: 09951/9811-22

Paulaner Brauerei
81541 München – Hochstraße 75
Telefon: 089 / 48 00 5-0
Telefax: 0 89 / 48 00 5-409

Augustiner Bräu Wagner KG
80339 München – Landsberger Straße 31-35
Telefon: 089-5 19 94 0
Telefax: 089-5 19 94 111


Maschinenring Dingolfing-Landau e.V.
94437 Mamming – Bahnhofstraße 3
Telefon: +49 (0) 9955/9333-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 9955/9333-70

Indian Motorcycle Reh
94419 Reisbach – Schreinerstraße 1
Telefon: 0049 (0)8734 / 92230
Telefax: 0049 (0)8734 / 922330

Vilstalbote Anzeigenblatt
84160 Frontenhausen – Birnbachstraße 2
Telefon: 08732-9210-0
Telefax: 08732-9210-649

Däullary Brautmoden GmbH
84130 Dingolfing – Lederergasse 15
Telefon: 08731-6161
Telefax: 08731-40812


mhplus Krankenkasse
71636 Ludwigsburg – Franckstraße 8
Telefon: 0 71 41 / 97 90 – 0
Telefax: 0 71 41 / 97 90 – 113

Oldtimerfreunde Mittleres Vilstal e.V.
94405 Rottersdorf – Andreasstraße 2
Telefon: 08734/292
Fax: 09951/600807

Ferienland Dingolfing-Landau
Informationszentrum im Bruckstadel Dingolfing
Ferienland Dingolfing-Landau, 84130 Dingolfing, Fischerei 9
Telefon: 08731-327-100
Telefax: 08731-327-102


Dixi Interessengemeinschaft
97999 Igersheim – Schlesierstraße 1 Prof. Dr.Gottfried Müller
Prof. Dr. Gottfried Müller

Kollbacher Str. 31
84163 Marklkofen

Einhell Germany AG
Wiesenweg 22
94405 Landau an der Isar
Telefon: 09951 942 660
Fax: 09951 942 410660

Vilstaler Trachtenwelt
94419 Reisbach – Marktplatz 44
Telefon: 0 87 34 / 93 788 28
Telefax: 0 87 34 / 93 788 28